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Circadia Chemical Peels

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Circadia Chemical Peels

Circadia Skin Peels

Circadia peels are used to create a controlled wounding on the surface of the skin. This damages the superficial layer of skin cells that are often blocking fresh skin cells from coming to the surface. Your skin then works to slough away these dying skin cells, stimulating the production of new cells and collagen.

Lactic Peel

This peel is gentle Alpha Hydroxy acid which is safe and well tolerated by most skin types, treating thin, damaged and ageing skin with lactic acid. Not only does this remove the outer layers of damaged stratum corneum but will also leave a more intact lipid barrier, resulting in a healthier appearance. Great for people who have sensitive skin. Three strengths: 30%, 35% and 45%. Can be repeated every 4 weeks.

Cocoa Enzyme, Oxygen Rx & Firming Peptide Mask – £95
All skin types, but especially ageing.

Enzyme & Oxygen Rx – £89
All skin types, but especially ageing/acne/rosacea.

Enzyme, Lactic Peel & Mask – £100
Especially for pigmented/dull/ageing skin. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Customised Circadia Peel (with take home kit) – £120