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The reality of achieving your dream colour can often take a lot of time, practice and, most importantly, expense but how much would it cost to get your hair coloured at a hair salon? In this blog, we will tell you how much we charge here at Joshua Tree Salon and explain why going to a salon is better for your hair’s health.

What is the average cost of hair dye in a salon?

Throughout the UK, salons charge various amounts for a plethora of different services to do with colouring hair, these can be anything from highlights to balayage to a full head of colour. At Joshua Tree Salon, we believe in fair pricing and want you to leave the salon with the hair you love at an affordable price. Our hair colour service charges range between £35 to £125, depending of course, on the service you choose and which member of our expert team you choose to do your hair for you. It is worth noting that creative colour is priced following a free consultation with a stylist to ensure you receive the right treatment for your hair.

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Why Choose a Salon?

We would always recommend visiting a salon before you decide to choose a colour or dye your hair at home. We offer free consultations with a professional stylist who will talk, in-depth, about your hair health, colour matching to your complexion and the options best suited to you. Our salon offers a wider range of colour options and higher quality hair dye products compared to those found in stores. Our expert stylists are well-versed in the proper application of hair dye and can provide valuable advice on how to maintain the colour and care for dyed hair. You can walk out of the salon, with dream hair, without a worry.

What Are the Alternatives?

Boxed dyes and store-bought colour dyes are the alternatives to hair salon colouring. We would recommend staying away from these hair dyeing products as, whilst the cost may be lower, this can often reflect in the product’s quality, which may lead to unpleasant colour takes and, occasionally, scalp irritation. At Joshua Tree Salon, we always request our clients have a skin test before a colour service to make sure they do not suffer an allergic reaction to our colour products. In our salon, we only use Aveda salon-grade vegan hair colour products formulated using certified organic oils to help condition hair and provide long-lasting shine.

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Why Joshua Tree Salon?

With over 20 years in the hair salon industry, our professional team are experts in colouring, cutting and styling hair. Whether you’re thinking about a sleek, cheek bob or long, luscious curls our team has worked with it all. If you would like to make a booking at Joshua Tree Salon, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, phone or simply book online through the website.


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