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At Joshua Tree, Winter is about more than just cozy sweaters and cups of hot coffee; it’s also the best time for achieving effortlessly smooth skin with laser hair removal. But why are the colder months the perfect time to kickstart your journey to hair free skin?


Winter means shorter days and less sunshine. Guess what? Laser hair removal thrives in this environment! Why? Because it’s most effective on untanned skin. Plus, sun exposure can make your skin more sensitive, potentially leading to side effects from the treatment. Winter definitely has got your back on this one!

Winter fashion and layering up to keep warm also mean more coverage for the areas treated by laser, making it a breeze to shield your skin from immediate sun exposure post-session. That winter wardrobe becomes part of your skin recovery team!

Effective laser hair removal requires multiple sessions which are strategically timed by your therapist to target hair follicles. By starting in winter, you’ve strategically aligned your sessions, ensuring you are hair-free just in time for the big reveal come summer and you can show off that smooth skin with confidence!

If you’re part of the sensitive skin squad, winter is your season for skin and hair removal treatments. The cooler temperatures make the laser hair removal journey more comfortable, minimising discomfort from heat or sunburn.
At Joshua Tree, we’re not just about the treatments; we want to support you on your journey.

Are you ready to get started on the journey to smooth skin?