We have some appointment slots still available this week, do call in or click the link below quick before we’re fully booked:

Monday 26th September

Sam:             12:45PM Colour and cut and blowdry

6:00PM  Cut and blowdry

Chanda:      11.30PM Massage or facial

Tuesday 27th September

Amy:        10:0AM Cut and blowdry

Charlie:      10:0AM Massage or facial

3:00PM Manicure or pedicure

Wednesday 28th September

Amy:           12:15PM Cut and blowdry

Katie:          12:00PM Colour, cut and blowdry

Faye:           10:00AM Superb spa fix

3.15PM Waxing/manicure/pedicure

Thursday 29th September

Amy:           1:30PM colour, cut and blowdry

Katie:          10:00AM Colour, cut and blowdry

                      2:00PM Cut and blowdry

Chanda:    10:00AM Massage/Facial

                      4:00PM HydraFacial

Georgia:    10:45AM Biab full set

                      4:00PM Biab full set

Charlotte: 10:00AM 30-minute lash infill or spray tan

Friday 30th September

Chanda:       9:00PM Facial or HydraFacial