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Your haircut can have a lasting impact on your appearance and self-confidence. At Joshua Tree Salon, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with haircuts and so we prioritise creating the perfect hairstyle for you, one that complements your unique face shape and preferences flawlessly. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything involved in achieving the perfect haircut to suit you, ensuring that you leave our salon feeling confident and happy with your new haircut.

Which Haircut will suit my Face shape?

There are 6 main face shapes and before looking into a haircut you might want to try and identify which face shape you have, although you may have to consider your features fit more than one shape! So, grab a mirror and take a good look at a few key features of your face, focusing on your forehead, cheekbones and jawline.

oval face shape


The widest part of your face is the forehead, and the width is normally shorter than the length


The length and width of your face are nearly equal, and you have a strong angled jawline.


The length and width of your face are about equal, and your features are soft.


Your forehead is wider, and your jawline is more pointed.


The width of your forehead, cheeks and jawline are nearly the same.


Your face is defined by high cheekbones, a smaller chin and a narrower forehead.

When it comes to visiting a salon and getting a haircut, there isn’t one way to go. Rather, there are a few flattering tips that can be followed to accentuate your features.

Oval face shapes can wear almost any style, the most flattering are long layers, shoulder-length waves, full fringes, a layered bob or a side-swept pixie.

Square face shapes may consider softening the edges around the forehead and strong jawlines; soft side-swept hair or long layers with fringe work best.

Round faces look good with cuts that elongate, like long straight hair, long voluminous waves and swoopy fringes with cropped sides.

Heart-shaped faces look best with blunt and wavy layers or a chin-length bob with a fringe. Soft angles in the front that start below the face help balance out the forehead.

Oblong/rectangular face shapes can take a similar approach to square faces: Soften the edges and strong jawlines with layers, volume and side-swept or feathered fringe.

Diamond shapes can show off their high cheekbones with short-cropped hair or keep it long with face-framing layers.

Please remember that these are only tips and not rules. The expert stylists at the Joshua Tree Salon will talk through ideas and will work with you to create your perfect haircut.

What else should I keep in mind?

Hair texture can play a massive role in your style, understanding your natural hair and what is needed to maintain your desired cut is very important. If you have fine hair, then we suggest keeping things blunt and short to avoid layering. For medium-thickness hair, there are many variations of styles and lengths you can choose from, but we recommend adding layers and texture with minimal weight removal. For thick hair, many layers can be added, and weight/bulk removal may be needed to help with day-to-day styling.

What Haircut looks Good on Everyone?

There are very few universally flattering haircuts, but some are easily adjustable and adaptable to suit each individual visiting the salon. Bobs are one of these haircuts as fringes can be added along with texture and length. One haircut that is universally flattering is the shoulder-length cut with soft layers, it is suitable for most face shapes.

How do I get a great Haircut?

If you’re having difficulty finding a haircut that suits you, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of expert stylists who are always willing to talk you through ideas and offer suggestions to help you achieve your dream hairstyle. Our experienced team has seen and done it all when it comes to haircuts, styling and colouring.