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Your hair can be the crowning glory of your look for any event, a wedding, summer party, festival or any special occasion. Here at Joshua Tree Salon, we often get asked ‘How long should I do my hair before an event?’. This can come down to many factors, including the length of your hair and the style you would like. In this blog we discuss the art of timing when it comes to booking your appointment for that special occasion.

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Planning ahead for your appointment

Booking your hair appointment well in advance is always a good idea. If you are planning a complete change of colour or maybe a restyle, booking up to a month in advance is advisable, to make sure you get used to your new look. If it’s an updo or a blow dry you are after, we also recommend booking in advance with the team for an appointment on the day or very close to the date, so your hair keeps it’s style.

Consider your Hair Type and Style

The timing of your hair appointment also depends on your hair type and the style you have in mind. Discuss your hair type and your desired look with your stylist when booking your appointment to make sure they allocate enough time for the styling process.

For shorter hairstyles like bob’s, pixies or midis, we would suggest that you come to the salon for a cut and style at least one to two weeks before an event as this gives your hair enough time to settle into its new shape and for any minor adjustments to the style.

If it’s a wedding look you’re after we also recommend that you book a Bridal Trial to make sure your hair is perfect on your special day.

Can hair growth affect the timing of my appointment?

Certainly, this is something to think about when booking with Joshua Tree Salon for your event. It depends on each individual but if you notice that your hair growth is particularly quick after a haircut, we suggest booking near the event date and vice versa if your hair grows naturally slower, please take more time with your booking and look for a month or more in advance.

Hair Maintenance and Longevity

Other factors to consider involve hair maintenance in the run up to the event. Will your hair need a colour touch-up, a treatment or a cut? If you need any of these services before the event, try and book them at least a week before your styling appointment so your hair settles into its new shape and colour and that it’s in its best condition for styling on the day of the event.

Styling Consultation

The team at Joshua Tree Salon would always advise that you to book in for a FREE consultation with one of our stylists at least a month in advance of an event. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience on styling specific hair types, colours and products to make sure your hair looks its best for your special event.

So, plan ahead, timing is everything and if you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via email or phone as we are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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